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Perfecting Italian Classics

We believe that ingredients make the difference and that is why we make our pasta products from the same high quality flour, cheese, eggs, and meat that you buy for your scratch prepared recipes. 

All Rosina pasta products are pre-cooked and individually frozen to provide for a convenient and satisfying meal.

Tender pasta pockets made from pasteurized whole eggs, finely milled durum wheat flour and our delicious fillings made with the freshest and finest ingredients available.

Gluten Free Ravioli
Tender freshly made pasta stuffed with a cheese blend delicately spiced to perfection.

Stuffed Shells
With a variety of fillings, our Stuffed Shells come in 2 ¼ oz., 2 ¾ oz. and 3 oz. and are made with a blend of durum and semolina wheat flour that is durable enough to hold its shape, but still gives them that tender texture your customers love.

Small pasta rings stuffed with cheese or meat filling.  Great in soups or salads, or as an entrée with sauce.  Our Tortellini are made with a blend of durum and semolina wheat flour.  Available for foodservice customers is our Tri-Color Tortellini.

Tender durum flour pasta sheets are rolled and stuffed with a delicious blend of cheese.

Gnocchi, Cavatelli and Stuffed Rigatoni
A traditional favorite, Gnocchi is made with potato flour in the pasta.  Cavatelli are tender tube-like pasta with ricotta cheese blended into the dough.  Our Gnocchi and Cavatelli are as delicious as they are different.

Pasta Sheets
For our foodservice and industrial customers, Pasta Sheets are available in flat or wavy styles.  Great for lasagna or your own signature favorites.  Our pasta sheets are made from enriched durum wheat flour and whole eggs for a tender texture.