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Pizza Toppings

Be Creative With Different Toppings

More than just a topping for pizza, use Rosina Pizza Toppings in calzones, lasagna, tacos, chili, meat sauces or your own custom creations. However you use them, sliced or ground, Rosina Pizza Toppings have a fresh flavor and random appearance that looks like you prepared them to order.

Seasoned to perfection, our pork toppings enhance a pizza or any dish they are used in.

Our beef topping looks and tastes like you ground the beef and prepared it yourself.

Italian Sausage
Ground Italian sausage looks like you squeezed it form the casing yourself.  It is a great topping for pizza, but it is versatile for use in calzones or any of your own creations.  Our sliced sausage is cut on the bias and has a random, freshly cut appearance.

Wedding soup meatballs are great as a meatball topping for pizza or in calzones.  They make the best Italian Wedding Soup.  Our shredded meatball is a finer grind of the same meatball used for wedding soup, which offers random pieces for a natural toppings appearance.