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San Rallo

San Rallo® has grown to become one of the premier providers of gourmet Italian specialties to fine restaurants and food service operators throughout North America.

As the newest addition to Rosina’s brands, San Rallo continues the tradition of providing versatile, high quality Italian Specialty items. We offer a diverse selection including Florentine Stuffed Shells, Lasagna Cheese Rollettes, various Eggplant Cutlets and Rollettes and Specialty Ravioli like Lobster, Portabella Mushroom, Shrimp & Garlic, and Toasted Cheese Ravioli to name a few. The San Rallo brand makes it easy for operators to create unique menu offerings while providing 100% satisfaction with their customers!

As with every Rosina brand, San Rallo products are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Fresh, premium ricotta and Pecorino Romano add a creaminess and rich flavor that is far superior to the rest. The eggplant is sourced locally and is handpicked at its peak producing the freshest taste. It’s all part of ingredients making the Rosina difference!